Warehouse Specialist Supervisor

The Project Manager and Supervisors are responsible for providing all management, supervision, and labor to perform storage/warehousing, rewarehousing, inventory, and issue of material, and inventory and replenishment from stock to production line side bins in support of the Marine Depot Maintenance Command Production Plant Albany (PPA). Knowledge of the PPA's control and tracking software are similar systems - DSS and MCPALMS- is required. This project supports the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Distribution and is located in Albany, Georgia. The installation encompasses approximately 204,000 square feet of covered storage space and approximately 100,000 square feet of open storage space. DLA Distribution Albany will support the PPA where ground combat equipment is repaired, rebuilt, or overhauled and includes both wheeled and tracked vehicles such as but not limited to Amphibious Assault Vehicles, Light Armored Vehicles, Trucks, Cranes, Generators, and Components (Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electrical and Electronics).
Job Description:
The Warehouse Specialist Supervisor receives tasks from the Project/Warehouse Manager. In the performance of these duties, the supervisor shall possess the basic knowledge and skills required to plan, control, manage, and be responsible for the successful completion of the work. The Warehouse Specialist Supervisor shall be qualified to be the Contractor's on-site supervisor and POC for Government representatives in the absence of the Warehouse Manager.
The Warehouse Specialist Supervisor provides overall supervision for contractor employees to include, but not limited to, planning and managing the project professionally, allocating resources, managing personnel and monitoring operation performance taking direction from the Government to ensure customer satisfaction, ensuring that work is scheduled properly to obtain maximum use of resources; ensuring that accurate and timely reports are provided; effective supervision to prevent inefficient or wasteful methods in the performance of the labor-hour services ordered; ensure cost saving factors and quality controls are used to ensure work is performed as scheduled, and at a fair and reasonable cost. The supervisor spot checks completed work for compliance with the contract on work sequence, procedures, methods, and deadlines. The supervisor ensures work is done properly and efficiently IAW the terms and conditions of the contract.
May be required to operate motor vehicles to include, but not limited to, light and medium trucks and MHE, and therefore must have and maintain a valid state driver's license with all class and commodity endorsements required by Public Law 99-570 and state law for the type of vehicle operated or commodity being transported.
May be required to operate a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of more than 26,001 pounds and any vehicle that is transporting HAZMAT and therefore may require a state issued commercial driver's license.
Minimum of three years supervisory experience; minimum of two years related experience in a variety of well-established warehousing and material handling methods and techniques.
High School Diploma or GED required. BS degree preferred.
Must be proficient in reading and capable of communicating effectively in English. Must possess basic math skills and be familiar with the use of personal computers.
Must be capable of standing, bending, lifting, and walking for the majority of the day. Must be capable of lifting and carrying moderately heavy material (up to 60 lbs).
Must furnish satisfactory proof citizenship of the United States.
Must be able to obtain a favorable NACI clearance.

Don't Be Fooled

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