Sr. Chemical Process Engineer - Biofuels

Salary Range:
$100,000 to $120,000/yr.
base salary Company Overview:
This is an exciting opportunity to come work for a major player in the chemical process industry.
This company has excellent career growth opportunities, an industry-leading bonus and benefits package and a safety-oriented culture that values a good work-life balance.
The sell here is really the advancement opportunity.
This is the 16th largest company in the U.
and has their hands in a variety of different industries including renewables, refining, chemicals, petrochemicals, and pulp & paper.
There are plants throughout the U.
and advancement opportunity will be there.
Minimum Requirements:
Chemical or Mechanical Engineering; 5+ years of experience out of chemicals, biofuels, petrochemicals or refining.
Candidates must have experience with design-through-installation of projects and should have experience with process optimization and/or plant reliability experience.
Job Description:
This is a newly acquired biofuels plant for this company which employs approximately 65 people.
This person will be responsible for all engineering efforts at this plant and will review and analyze daily/monthly health checks for the process.
This person will have a high degree of latitude when it comes to making technology improvements and will take an active role in optimization of the process.
The process uses mixing, grinding, milling, distillation, conveying, and fermentation, among other unit operations.
This site is owned by a very large company that has facilities throughout the U.
They have an exceptional relocation package, full health, medical, and dental benefits and a bonus program.

Don't Be Fooled

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