Technical Specialist

Company Name:
Koch Davis
Resolves complex technical problems. Identifies high-risk areas, areas of improvement and miss-utilization of resources in specific production practices and processes. Determines the path forward through in-depth assessment, experimental testing, and complex data analysis. Develops and implements tactical solutions to mitigate impact and improve yield and effectiveness. Manages conflicting priorities of process improvements, production demands, compliance requirements, and time limitations. Leads the execution of technical projects to accomplish management directives. Interprets process data for opportunities improvements and identifies and implements value-added solutions to mitigate risk and improve process capability and compliance. Collaborates with various groups during the various stages of new product development and technology transfer and develops and leads the site activities for successful implementation. Collects and coordinates the combined input from different fucntional areas regarding the application of technologies that will optimize capital investment to provide robust, productive, and practical processes at commercial scale. Ensures the selection of equipment and facilities and the development of SOPs takes into account commercial scale operational, quality, compliance, and financial considerations. Responsible for the implementation of Process Analytical Technologies enhancing monitoring and control.
Has strong subject matter expertise in relevant areas of continuous manufacturing operations has broad technical knowledge of industrial operations. Keeps abreast of current developments and trends in areas of expertise. Assimilate and apply new job-related information that may vary in complexity within a reasonable period of time.
Bachelor Degree in Business
The company is a multinational pharmaceutical corporation .

Don't Be Fooled

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