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Expert in Security and Law Enforcement Services, military veteran with an active Top Secret (TS/SCI) Clearance offering 20 years of military police experience to include antiterrorism, physical security, critical infrastructure, executive personal protective services and SWAT. As well as many years of experience providing management, leadership and mentorship for the United States Marine Corps. Recipient of multiple awards for outstanding leadership, performance and professionalism in the United States Marine Corps. Career supported by U.S. Army Military Police School and current pursuit of BA in Homeland Security. 

  • Leadership, Teambuilding
  • Risk Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Data Analysis
  • Training and  Development
  • Policy Implementation
  • Organization/Communication
  • Loss Prevention


 UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS POLICE DEPARTMENT – Albany, GA                               2010 – Present

Provost Sergeant (Senior Enlisted Advisor):

  • Provide sound guidance to the Chief, Deputy Chief and staff along with ensuring the execution of all administrative and operational requirements within the department
  • Responsible on a daily basis to supervise all operations and functional management of police administration, operations, criminal investigation branch, services and pass and identification.
  • Ensure all assigned Law Enforcement (LE) personnel are properly trained and equipped to accomplish their assigned duty and accountable for their personal development.
  • Provide input to the Chief of Police regarding policy letters and standard operating procedures governing law enforcement and department personnel. Maintain liaison with organizational Sergeant Majors and all other tenant command staff
  • Assisted in authoring the Police Department Instruction (PDI) for the Special Reaction Team (SRT), Installation Access, Georgia Crime Information Center and Security Augmentation Force orders, third line reviewer. Executed the duties as a board member on the SRT member hiring and assigned the chairman of the Physical Security hiring board. 
  • Established and maintained the installation's Security Augment Force (SAF). Liaison with Mission Assurance as all matters pertaining to the SAF. 

 Special Operations Chief:

  • Responsible for coordinating and executing special events on the installation to include the Independence Day celebration (open to approximately 4000 general public).
  • Supervised, maintained and trained all requirements of the SRT. Responsible for planning, managing and evaluating all SRT operations and team capabilities. Provide the Chief of Police and Base Commander the SRT as a capability to deal with all high risk operations.

 Installation Equal Opportunity:

  • Established complaint procedures, reviewed complaints, assessed the command climate, and identified and conducted equal opportunity training.
  • Ensured that the command's EO objectives were successful and promoted camaraderie among all individuals, regardless of age, color, gender, race, religion, or national origin, by setting the example of unprejudiced actions and identifying unfair practices to higher authority via the chain of command.


Antiterrorism Officer:

  • Responsible for managing the AT program elements: Risk Management, Planning, Training and Exercises, Resource Application, and Comprehensive Program Review.
  • Implemented random antiterrorism measures for the installation along with collaborating other AT initiatives.
  • Assigned to the Mission Assurance Working Group/Antiterrorism Working Group and the Critical Infrastructure Working Group which was responsible for identifying and assessing all risks to personnel and property belonging to the installation.
  • Worked closely with the Emergency Manager and the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and High-Yield Explosives Manager in coordinating Emergency Support Functions along with planning exercises.
  • Maintain liaison with Federal, State, NCIS, regional and local law enforcement to share information and exchange intelligence. 

Critical Infrastructure Program Officer:

  • Conducted all threats and hazards analysis, probable threats, both man-made and natural. Conducted, prioritized, remediated and mitigated risk-based vulnerability assessments to determine risk of loss for all critical assets and infrastructures using the working groups and MC-CAMS NG.
  • Assigned to the Mission Assurance Working Group/CIP Working Group and responsible for identifying the Installations Missions, Mission Essential Tasks and Task Critical Assets.
  • Update, maintain and manage the classified database, Marine Corps Critical Asset Management System Next Generation (MC CAMS NG), for the installation which captures and houses all CIP information.


Physical Security:

  • Conducted Physical Security surveys and assisted in developing the installation barrier plan along with defense in-depth procedures.
  • Reviewed projects to ensure UFC codes were enforced and gave recommendations for improvements. Established physical security requirements for installation access control procedures


 UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS – MCRD San Diego, CA                                                      2009 – 2010

Operations Chief

  • Responsible for the planning, managing, directing and evaluation of all law enforcement security operations and special investigations.  
  • Initiated, established, and planned mission priorities based on guidance provided that optimized law enforcement output in the areas of traffic, PMO desk, patrol, military working dog/civilian police working dog, Special Reaction Team, and investigative operations.  
  • Planned for current and long range operations based on work trends and projected requirements. Developed and implemented, as directed, Force Protection Condition (FPCON) plans procedures, processes and measures.  
  • Managed (85 Marines/Civilians) personnel who provided installation security, responded to and investigated complaints while enforcing Federal Law, Assimilated Laws, and Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Assigned subordinates to shifts and areas of responsibility based on consideration of mission requirements and availability of resources. 
  •  Fostered working relationships with other military and civilian law enforcement agencies to discuss problems, inter-agency support, future plans and needs, and exchanged information 


Services Chief

  • Responsible for planning, managing, directing, evaluating all police support services to include police records, administration, supply, crime prevention, physical security, installation access control, vehicle impound, statistical reporting and analysis, and other police services. Initiated, established, planned mission priorities based on guidance provided that optimized police services and support in the above areas.
  • Supervised Pass and Registration services which included servicing over 5000 vehicles yearly.
  • Formulated, monitored, reviewed and oversaw annual budget (625,000) for the PMO/MCPD. Performed periodic and special statistical, financial and productivity analysis and evaluations of the short and long range requirements for the Police Department.


UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS – MCAS San Diego, CA                                                            2006 – 2009

Special Reaction Team Commander

  • Supervised and trained (16) Marine Military Policemen in the art of special weapons and tactics in crisis situations such as active shooters, barricaded suspects, hostage rescue, high-risk arrests and searches, counter terrorism, riot control and any other high risk police situations.
  • Responsible for planning, managing, directing and evaluating all SRT operations and monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual training requirements.
  • Initiated, established and fostered working relationships with the San Diego County Sheriff S.W.A.T. and San Diego Police Department S.W.A.T. which afforded joint training and over lapping S.W.A.T. support.
  • Developed all team members through counseling, mentoring, training and instilling leadership, professionalism, and confidence in their abilities to create a positive command climate and a proficient and efficient SRT.
  • Formulated and monitored the SRT budget along with reviewed all annual budget submissions. The SRT budget and materials was in excess of $250,000.


Watch Commander

  • Executed the duties of the first line supervisor to military and civilian police officers and responsible for all plans and directions of watch activities. 
  • Oversaw the training needs of all subordinate personnel and ensured that all Police Officers received annual in-service training in order to maintain certifications and proficiency. Submitted all leave request, disciplinary actions, along with recommendations for awards and bonuses for a job well done.  
  • Received and approved reports, maintained desk journals, ensured accuracy of paperwork submitted, maintained key control for various buildings and vehicles, issued special equipment, and checked detention cells. 


UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS, U.S. Central Command –MacDill AFB Tampa, FL                           2003-2006  

Personal Security Officer to the Combatant Commander, USCENTCOM 

  • Personally requested by the Combatant Commander of United States Central Command (USCENTCOM) to remain assigned to USCENTCOM as the Personal Security Officer (PSO).
  • Executed and managed the Protective Services Detail (PSD) for the Combatant Commander, deemed a High Risk Personnel, level one, by the Department of Defense. Responsible for individual security of the Commander while stateside and traveling to the (27) high threat, USCENTCOM, Areas of Responsibility (AOR) to include the Middle East, South West Asia, Central Asia and the Horn of Africa during combat Operations ENDURING FREEDOM and IRAQI FREEDOM, totaling over (959) days.
  • Maintained liaison with Secret Service, FBI, United States State Department, United States Embassies (Regional Security Officers), US Military Forces, state police agencies, and local law enforcement agencies, as well as foreign Ministries of Defenses, Ministries of Interior, Host Nation Militaries, and Host Nation Police Departments.
  • Gathered international, national and command intelligence for analysis and evaluation, determining the threat level, and prepared briefs for the staff and General.
  • Successfully protected the USCENTCOM Commander from the threat of insurgent/terrorist attacks, assassination attempts, kidnap, roadside bombs, embarrassment and harassment during actual threats and attacks while assigned the PSO to the USCENTCOM Commander. Documented incidents are in annual evaluations.
  • Supervised over (60) USCENTCOM protection agents who provided protective services for the Commander and reviewed all mission advance security requirements.
  • Assisted in evaluating and authoring the USCENTCOM Standard of Operation for the PSD to meet the Commander's and PSD's needs in an evolving threat environment. Implemented new and innovated techniques, tactics, and procedures to evolve with threat and environment.
  • Conducted all training requirements for all personnel. Established a systematic, progressive, and recurring training cycle which proved effective in real world situations.


UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS, U.S. Central Command –MacDill AFB Tampa, FL                            1998-2003  

Joint Security Detachment Team Member/ Personal Security Detail Member 

  • Ensured established security procedures were properly executed to maintain interior and exterior security of all USCENTCOM. Responsible for ensuring accurate completion of all Military Police and Security Force blotters and other related reports and paperwork. 
  • Executed and supervised the training of employing deadly and non-lethal force, conducting inspections within assigned buildings to ensure the proper safeguarding of classified material and equipment, writing notices of security violations and making security reports, escorting non-cleared visitors and other service personnel to controlled access areas where classified material is stored, handled, processed, or discussed.
  • Maintained close communication with both supervisors and peers regarding any issues that might reveal a weakness or vulnerability to security operations, along with recommend improvements to solve any problems or concerns.


Personal Security Detail Member

  • Recognized for superior performance as a member of the ISB which resulted in being selected as a member of the United States Commander and Chief of Central Command (USCINCCENT) Personal Security Detail (PSD).
  • Conducted over (45) successful security advance missions throughout the (27) USCENTCOM AOR's.
  • Recommended changing out the standard MP-5 weapon systems to the more reasonable and effective AR-15's, which the command approved and changed permanently.
  • After (2) years of successful missions, as an advance security agent for the PSD, the command increased the duties and responsibilities and promoted the position to the Senior Agent in Charge (SAC) for the USCENTCOM Commander. Responsible for all security requirements, CONUS and OCONUS, with the advance security agents and the Personal Security Officer (PSO) for the Commander.


UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS Provost Marshal’s Office –MCAS Yuma, AZ                                        1994-1998 

Military Police Patrolmen, Desk Sergeant, Special Reaction Team (SRT) Member, Bike Patrol 

  • Performed law enforcement duties in the protection of life, property, property vital to national security, and civil rights of citizens by maintaining law and order where the US Government has jurisdiction 
  • Responded to emergency calls, complaints, and other calls for service during the shift. Responded to and investigated complaints while enforcing federal laws, Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), DoD, Naval and Marine Corps regulations and installation directives, rules and regulations. Maintained control at the scene of an incident through completion of required actions, including questions witnesses, establishing fault, arresting violators, and other enforcement actions appropriate to the nature and seriousness of incident
  • Gained experience and knowledge in using a variety of police equipment and weapons while being assigned a military police patrolman and volunteering as a team member of the Special Reaction Team (SRT). Performed Close Quarters Battle (CQB), enhanced weapons training, and special tactics while assigned the SRT as a point man and rear security.
  • Performed duties as the non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) of the bike patrol section consisting of (4) Marines. Responsible for increased patrols of the barracks and housing areas to promote the Public Relations mission along with crime prevention program.
  • Represented the Provost Marshal's Office as the Marine of the month. Also won and recognized for the honors of Marine of the Quarter and NCO of the Quarter for the installation. Received numerous Letters of Appreciation (LOA's) and Certificate of Commendation for outstanding service and many volunteer events in the local community.



American Military University, Bachelor of Arts, Homeland Security – 2012-ongoing 

Sound and Sea Technology, Antiterrorism/ Security Design and Engineering- 2013

U.S. Army Military Police School, Antiterrorism Officer Advanced Course- 2013

Trap Wire Program, Surveillance and Facility Evaluation/ Terrorist Observation Skills- 2013

U.S. Army Military Police School, Conventional Physical Security/Crime Prevention- 2013

National Incident Management System (NIMS) Incident Command System (ICS) 400: Advanced ICS Course- 2012

U.S. Army Military School, Antiterrorism Officer Basic Course- 2011

U.S. Marine Corps, Police Commanders Course- 2011

National Defense University, Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education Course- 2011

Certificate of Security Clearance/ Top Secret/ Sensitive Compartmented Information- 2010

U.S. Marine Corps, Staff Noncommissioned Officer Academy Advanced Course- 2009

U.S. Marine Corps, Equal Opportunity Representative Course- 2009

Public Agency Training Council, Legal and Liability for S.W.A.T.- 2008

U.S. Army Military Police School, Special Reaction Team Training Phase 1- 2007

HSS International, Protective Services Operator’s Course-2007

United States Army Infantry School, Airborne Course- 2002

 U.S. Army Military Police School, Protective Services Training- 1998

Yuma Police Department, Bike Patrol Course-1997

SED Sheriff’s Department County of San Diego, S.W.A.T. Academy- 1997

U.S. Army Military Police School, Basic Military Police Course- 1994

Bristol Eastern High School, Diploma- 1992



Meritorious Service Medal - 2014

 U.S. Marine Corps Certificate of Appreciation- 2013

 U.S Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal- 2012, 2003, 2000

Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal- 2010, 1998

Defense Meritorious Service Medal- 2006

Joint Meritorious Unit Award- 2006

Joint Services Commendation Medal- 2003

U.S. Central Command Certificate of Appreciation- 2000

Joint Service Achievement Medal- 2000, 1999

Certificate of Commendation- 1999



 Department of Veteran Affairs (VA)

 Disabled Veteran status.


Top Secret (TS)/Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) clearance eligibility on 20100907 until 20150907



Randy Jack, Marine Corps Police Department, Police Chief 229-886-9943

Sean Lamonzs, Marine Corps Law Enforcement, Deputy Chief of Police 229-669-4534

John Hood, Veterans Affairs, Financial Services 619-861-5430

Matthew Becker, USMC, Senior Enlisted Advisor 910-526-4077

Willie Hardin, SPAWAR, Technical Support 619-865-6756

  • ID#: 80415
  • Location: Albany, GA , 31705

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